What can be more soothing than sitting on a grass field surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush greenery! It would look no less than a beautiful painted canvas. 

Away from all the hustle-bustle and loud crowds lies Sharchi, a pristine village of Himachal Pradesh that brings that canvas painting to life. Complete with the stunning views of Himalayas, lush fields, and gorgeous surroundings, Sharchi or Sarchi is amongst the most colourful villages in Tirthan Valley

Here is a detailed guide on trip to the Sharchi Himachal Pradesh to tell you where you can visit and what things to do during your visit to this beautiful village.  

Places to visit in Sharchi

Places to visit in Sharchi Himachal Pradesh 

Sharchi/Sarchi is located in Tirthan Valley at a height of about 7284 Ft. It can be reached from Gushaini village through an unpaved road which is around 15 kms long. Once you reach the village, you will be greeted by colourful houses, beautiful surrounding, and welcoming locals.  

There are many places to visit in Sharchi village to explore its rustic beauty. 

Jagdamba Rishi Temple 

Jagdamba Rishi Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to the local deity of the village, Jagdamba Rishi. The temple is made of wood with stunning wooden architecture that stands out. The temple is placed in the centre of the village and holds great religious significance.  

Sakirn Rishi Temple 

It is another popular temple, located in Sakirn which is around 3-4 hours away from Sharchi. The temple attracts thousands of devotees in the month of May during the annual celebrations. You also get a 360-degree view of the nearby area. 

Chhoie Waterfall 

Chhoie waterfall is amongst the most popular waterfalls in Tirthan Valley. It is located near Nagini Village which is around 11 kms away. You can reach the waterfall by taking a 45-minute walk uphill.  

Holy waterfall 

There is another waterfall in the Sharchi village which you can reach by trekking. The waterfall is considered holy, and visitors are not allowed to wear or carry shoes near it. 


After the waterfall, you can visit the freshwater lake in the village. It will require you to trek further to reach the location, but both can be covered in one day.   

Sharchi meadows

Sharchi meadows 


Badasari is a beautiful meadow near Sharchi surrounded by deodar trees and high mountains. You need to trek uphill from Sharchi through terraced fields which lead to Jamala village and then to the Badasari meadow.  

Sindha Thach 

Sindha Thach is another meadow near Sharchi village which you can reach by trekking. It takes around 40-50 minutes of trekking to reach the meadow. If offers a stunning view of nearby areas. 

Neo Thach 

Once you reach Sindha Thach, you can continue your trek for about 2 more hours to reach Neo Thach which is another lush green meadow that you can explore.  

You can carry your camping equipment and tents to enjoy camping in these magical meadows.  

Treks in Sharchi village 

Jalori Pass trek 

Jalori Pass is amongst the most popular destinations that you can visit during your trip to Sharchi. You can trek to Jalori Pass to explore Serolsar Lake and Raghupur Fort. The trek offers a gorgeous view of the Great Himalayan National Park.  

Lambri top trek 

Lambri top trek is a 4-day moderate level trek from Sharchi village. The trek goes all over a ridge of a mountain that starts from Jalori Pass to reach Lambri top. It is a very scenic trail that you will surely enjoy trekking on. 

Sharchi Himachal Pradesh

Sharchi weather 

Sharchi’s weather remain pleasant throughout the year with warm mornings and nippy nights. Though the best time to visit Sharchi Himachal Pradesh is during summers, visiting in winter can be a soulful experience as the entire village gets covered under thick snow. Sharchi village looks no less than heaven during the snowfall. 

How to reach Sharchi Himachal Pradesh 

If you are travelling from Delhi or Chandigarh, the best way to reach Sharchi is by taking a bus to Aut. Then you can take local transport or hire a cab that will take you to Gushaini and then Sharchi. You can also take a direct flight from Delhi to Bhuntar and then hire a local taxi to reach your destination. Once reached, you can look for Sharchi homestays or hotels to enjoy your stay in the village. 

If you are planning to visit Sharchi, you can reach us out to confirm your travel bookings. Here are some hotels in Sharchi that you can book for a convenient and comfortable stay in the village.