Mid-June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Himachal Pradesh. This is the time when the number of tourists starts to decline as it becomes challenging to trek and roam around the region. However, it is hard to deny how beautiful Himachal can get during the monsoon season.  

Tirthan Valley in monsoon is no less than a fairytale land as the grass turns greener and the trees shine their true hues. The valley becomes more magical and pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. It might not be the preferrable time for many to visit Tirthan in the monsoon, it is something you cannot afford to miss.  

Let’s explore the true beauty of Tirthan Valley when the rain starts pouring. 

What can you expect from Tirthan Valley in monsoon? 

The monsoon in Tirthan Valley begins in the end of June or starting of July and lasts till August. The valley gets moderate to heavy rainfall and turns into a gorgeous location. Though it is not convenient and feasible for travellers, it could be a once in a lifetime experience for sure. The smell of wet sand, cleaner leaves, and the cosy weather—the monsoon season brings us a special experience.

Here is what you can expect from Tirthan Valley in monsoon.  

Waterfall in Tirthan Valley

Cascading waterfalls 

Tirthan Valley is home to many gorgeous waterfalls, including Chhoie Waterfall and Jibhi Waterfall. These waterfalls turn into breathtaking sights during monsoon when they get rejuvenated by the rainwater. Sitting close to the plummeting water splashing your entire body could be the most exciting thing you can do during the season.  

Tirthan valley in monsoon

Enchanting views  

Do you like the staggering mountains and the lush green grass of Tirthan Valley? The beauty of the valley multi-folds during the monsoon season. The lush green landscape becomes shiny by embracing the water droplets while the trees bloom and become more vibrant. Even the mountains that you already love, revive with allure greenery giving an unmatched sightseeing experience.

Tirthan valley mountains

Less crowd  

Less crowd is one of the many benefits of the monsoon season. Most visitors plan their trips to Tirthan Valley during the summer months to beat the heat. The rest wait for the winters to enjoy the thick snow of the valley. Tirthan Valley in monsoon remains less crowded offering the perfect time to enjoy the peace and calmness of sitting close to nature.

As clouds take over the lush green landscape of Tirthan Valley, the true colours and sounds of nature can be experienced. The valley comes out with a unique and unmatched charm which not everybody has witnessed yet.