Tirthan Valley

The New Year begins and many of you must have written your travelling goals. After all, the everyday work and responsibility pressure calls for leaving your precious desktop for a few days and head to the hills. Let us suggest you a perfect place to begin your Wanderlust for 2019 – Tirthan Valley.

Such is the beauty of this place that you will stand awestruck and your tongue will keep on looking for the right words to make a sentence.

The American poet Ralph Emerson had once said: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” You will be living this stanza for as long as you are away from the city buzz and into the welcoming arms of this valley. But what is it about this place that people are going on and on about it? The unique and insanely cute Tirthan Valley riverside retreats, cottages and several quaint villages that stud the banks of the Tirthan and Beas River are calling you.

Want to fondle with the cottony clouds that flirtatiously kiss the deep emerald mountains ever so lightly? Well, Vacation in Tirthan Valley, Jibhi, Banjar and surrounding areas is the best way to relax in the embrace of Mother Nature. Come get lost in the dense coniferous forests sprawled practically everywhere till your sight can go.And don’t forget the Serene Serolsar Lake amidst strikingly beautiful rocky terrains and the rustic riverside homes and the countless hidden waterfalls. Discover a world away from the world that will mesmerize you and leave you inspired.

The beauty of planning a Stay in this valley is the plethora of options you get! You can choose to stay in a Guest House in Tirthan Valley or even opt for homestay option. In fact, it’s very popular among travelers who believe in enjoying a vacation indulging in the culture of Himachal Pradesh. Well, whatever be your budget and vacation spirit, you can get the best guidance at www.tirthanvalleystay.com Contact us for best vacation deals and offers for 2019!

Writer – Dr Anu Sehgal

Writer – Dr Anu Sehgal
An avid writer and traveler, Dr Anu has been writing for Himachal Tourism and travelling related websites extensively. She has done some of her most creative works while travelling. As a food blogger and honest reviewer, she believes in creating awareness and helping people through her experiences and work. You can follow her on Instagram at @being.anu