The scorching summers are here in north India and kids are demanding a holiday in hills. As you finally decide to take this long overdue trip; would you like to know more about popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh or best summer vacation hill stations? Or are you a different kind of traveler and wish to explore a virgin destination of Himachal to enjoy the best summer vacation trip in Himachal Pradesh sans noise and crowd? Tirthan Valley in Himachal is the destination for this summer. Let us tell you why you should plan a trip there in this month or in June –
tirthan valley unexplored beauty

Unexplored beauty

Tirthan Valley is a pocket full of natural wonders sprinkled generously with flowers, winding roads, waterfalls, streams and endless green expanses. Your route to Tirthan Valley will be full of fun as you drive from Delhi or Chandigarh. Just after the Aut tunnel you will find a detour to Tirthan Valley. There are plenty of things to do in Tirthan Valley and the first thing that comes to mind is enjoying the scenic beauty of the rural and untamed lush greenery around.

Adventure in Nature

What makes this journey and the vacation in Tirthan Valley even more attractive is the winding Tirthan River, dipping your feet in which is something you won’t be able to resist. Tirthan River is inviting and invigorating and you will be awestruck by the crystal clear waters that hail from the heavenly Himalayas. So if you love to vacation around water, forget Greece or Goa; plan a trip to Tirthan Valley. Enjoy its cool climes plus the benefit of an economical vacation. PLUS, imagine the fun you will have catching Trout Fish because Tirthan Valley is really famous for Trout Fishing. Aaah… you are already thinking of the caption you will write on Instagram with your picture with a trout fish in one hand or both – Hashtag ‘Fishing Happiness’.

Trekking and exploring Serolsar Lake

If you are a lone wolf type of a personality, don’t forget to plan a trek to an even more secluded spot called the Serolsar Lake. It is a 6 km trek from Jalori Pass for which you can hire a taxi. Reaching the top of the Jalori Pass after facing steep roads and sharp turns seems like winning a battle and the panoramic view of the Himalayas from the top is just spectacular. This was just scratching the surface. There is plenty more to do in Tirthan Valley once you get there.

Homestays, Maggi & Omelettes

Aren’t these the quintessence of all vacations? In Tirthan Valley, you can choose either wooden cottages or mud huts or a regular guest house. View from hilltop wooden cottages especially is breathtaking and each of your days there will be filled with a new charm as you wake to chirping birds and peeping sunlight. Just the experience of living amidst pine forests atop rugged hills is mesmerizing. Don’t you just love the roadside open air dhabas and cafes? Tirthan Valley is studded with several of them and relishing these mundane snacks with the local twist will make your day and render your trip complete.

A superb vacation for kids

Well your kids must be thanking you for planning a break on this sizzling summer of your city but would they like to visit Tirthan Valley? Do they even know that a place called Tirthan Valley exists in Himachal Pradesh and is quite a delight for travellers? Well, they will now and that is all they’ll be talking about for at least a month or two. And of course, they will love to go hopping in icy cold water!

Does that convince you to spend your few days of May or June in Tirthan Valley? If yes, you can take guidance and help at to plan your itinerary and choosing the best home stay in Tirthan Valley.