A virgin destination of Himachal Pradesh, Jibhi is a beautiful, slow and sleepy perfect retreat – a place where you would want to go to forget your chaotic life and enjoy some lazy lamhe.

Blessed with natural beauty, Jibhi is more than just green expanses and fantastical views. It has something for everyone:

For the Peace-seeking stereotype

If you are the one a quest to finding yourself, Jibhi offers you tranquil peace and the raw appeal of nature that attracts you here is quite evident as far as your eyes can see. Standing in the middle of hills surrounded by deodars and pines, you will forget about the world you hail from. You can lie down or meditate or simply gaze at the stars, the choice is yours.

For the Inquisitive Nerd type

If you are fond of the architectural wonders of Himachal Pradesh, Jibhi is the place to be. The unique craft and woodworks of this state make it quite famous and you will be able to discover fine pieces of such art when you take a walk through the Chaini village. This is about 4 km from Jibhi, where you will find a slightly tilted Chaini Tower.

For the Fishing Stud type

Want to show off your fishing skills? Well, you have chosen the right place to be because Trout fishing is a major attraction for travellers here. Although you will need permission for it and this is where the hotel or guest-house authorities will help you out.

For the secret spots lover type

If you are the one to get intrigued by hidden views and treasures, the Sacred Seroyul Lake is for you. You will have to drive from Jibhi to Jalori Pass which is a steep and thrilling ride as it winds and twists and takes you to the top. This 8 km adventure is something that you will never forget.

And even if you don’t fit in any type above, Jibhi is still the most amazing place you can explore on a weekend. You can browse through www.tirthanvalleystay.com website to get insights about Jibhi vacation, homestay, guest houses and other itinerary related details.

For the Fishing Stud type