This summer, ditch the crowd, rush and mundane… choose to holiday in a unique manner!
If crowded hill stations like Manali and Mussorie are not your idea of an ideal vacation, Tirthan Valley is where you should head to. Why? One simple reason – It is one of those virgin places of Himachal where you can revel and relax in the enormous and welcoming wealth of nature.

Tirthan valley summer

Tirthan Valley is perched at an altitude of more than 1600 meters from sea level and it is not so crowded with visitors because many people don’t even have a clue what treasures it holds for them.
So why is this spot the one that deserves your visit the most this summer? The biggest reason is that while other states in the country are burning under the scorching summer sun, Tirthan Valley enjoys a cool temperature of about 24° C.
It is located in the Kullu district (Himachal Pradesh), and derives its name from the river Tirthan, which flows through it. The Tirthan River meets the Beas River at Larji after traversing many forests of Western Himalayas. It runs alongside the National Highway 21 studded with quaint villages.

Visit soon if you like seeing the clouds kissing the mountains
You just can’t miss the scene of the mountains being covered and hugged by cottony clouds here in Tirthan Valley. When we say that this is the ideal destination this summer for every traveler, it is also because of this one reason that practically dominates everyone’s conversation who has ever had the fortune to visit this valley. Watching and being in the middle of dark dewy greenery and dense forests sprawled across wavy lands is something that can only be experienced.

Discover pristine lakes and hidden waterfalls
Tirthan Valley is filled to the brim with scenic beauty and every direction you look in fills you with awe. The lakes, the birds hopping across the pebbles and the serene waterfalls that speak to you with every gush and splash make for the perfect getaway.

mountains in tirthan valley

How to reach Tirthan Valley
The best way to reach Tirthan Valley, especially from Delhi, is to come via road. You will end up enjoying the views on your way and the drive will turn out more beautiful than you imagined. You can also take a train up to Kiratpur and then book a cab to reach Tirthan Valler. Those who prefer air travel can come till Bhuntar which is 2 hours drive from Tirthan valley. So, if you have already starting searching Google to plan your Tirthan Valley vacation, the easiest way to do is just visit It is here you will find best ideas, stay options and touristy guidelines for Tirthan Valley.

Writer – Dr Anu Sehgal
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