The season of spring is one of rebirth, growth, and fresh starts. It’s the season to refresh your mind and soul. It’s when everything awakens from its winter hibernation, and the natural world bursts into vibrant, lively hues. Spring is a time of beauty and amazement, from the first flower blooming to the return of migratory birds. 

How much time do we research to decide on the perfect destination to visit in the perfect weather? Too much, in our humble opinion. Well, worry not this year; as spring is just around the corner, we have the perfect recommendation for you to spend your spring season in the mountains. It is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated tourist spots in the nation. Tirthan Valley, situated in Banjar in Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most unexplored tourist spots in the nation.

The valley is known for its flora, fauna, and freshwater trout fish, and it also serves as an entry point to GHNP (Great Himalayan National Park). GHNP is a UNESCO-recognized world heritage site; it was recognized in 2014. The valley is serene and untouched compared to popular destinations like Manali and Kasol. The spring season in Tirthan Valley is ideal for nature walks and picnics.

Spring in the mountains is a fleeting season. Approximately one month in April. This is a pleasant month for those who enjoy watching nature come alive after the winter. The valley has many flowering trees, and fresh greens can be seen everywhere. 

Additionally, many migrating birds return to the area in April. Spring in Tirthan Valley is a great season to trek in the Great Himalayan National Park if you enjoy seeing wildlife because many animals and birds seek refuge at lower altitudes while the peaks are still covered in snow.

Sunset in Tirthan is a sight to behold. The way the weather moves through the valley, often only a sliver of light is left on the mountains to the east as the clouds cover everything else in the sky. This narrow opening out west lets in just enough light to make some magic happen. It’s like that single ray of light on a dreary day to improve everything.

Suppose you are a nature lover looking for a peaceful holiday and trek into the Himalayas. In that case, spending your spring in Tirthan Valley and GHNP Great Himalayan National Park suits you. The deeper part of Tirthan Valley villages is more rustic and different. Tirthan Valley will never disappoint you with its offerings, be it food, nature, fishing, trekking, village life, or having a peaceful weekend by the riverside. It’s without a doubt a must-visit place for mountain and nature lovers.