Serene Shangarh: A Hidden Gem in Tirthan Valley

Discover the tranquility of Shangarh, a hidden gem in the heights of Tirthan Valley, where serene landscapes and ancient temples create a harmonious haven for seekers of peace.

    Shangarh's serene landscapes

    Shangarh meadow is Nestled under the shadows of
    the Shensar, Shangharh and Shaktimaror peaks in Sainj valley in Himachal Pradesh, Shangharh,at 6,300 feet above sea level, tells a tale of an enormously beautiful and vast meadow near the Great Himalayan National Park, where time stands still even now. Enclosed by the Great Himalayan National Park with flowing rivers, lush green valleys and lakes, Tirthan Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal. Tirthan Valley draws its name from Tirthan River, which originates from glaciers of Himalaya.

    6:05 am, May 28, 2024
    temperature icon 23°C
    clear sky
    Humidity 32 %
    Pressure 1005 mb
    Wind 7 mph
    Wind Gust Wind Gust: 8 mph
    Clouds Clouds: 0%
    Visibility Visibility: 0 km
    Sunrise Sunrise: 5:17 am
    Sunset Sunset: 7:20 pm

    Current Weather in Shangarh

    Discover the present weather conditions in Shangarh. Whether you're planning an outdoor adventure or a cozy retreat, stay informed about the temperature, precipitation, and atmospheric charm of this Himalayan haven.

    Adventure Awaits: Exciting Activities in Shangarh

    Discover adventure in Shangarh with scenic hikes to nearby peaks and visits to ancient temples steeped in history. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the region, explore hidden trails, or simply unwind with breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Shangarh promises an enriching experience for nature lovers and seekers of tranquility.

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