The state of snow-clad hills and apple orchids, Himachal Pradesh, is also well-reckoned for its warm and hospitable people who will win your heart with their simple yet so very special ways. This summer, treat yourself to an exotic experience in Tirthan Valley’s HOMESTAY option, the most economical way to script the best vacations of your life.

Imagine waking up to the chirping of birds rather than an alarm clock, befriending goats and rabbits playing in a farm house, and having Khamod (boneless mutton in curd), Teli Mash (fried black lentil) and Madra (Red Beans with Curd) for lunch or dinner- doesn’t that sound incredible and unforgettable? This is the rural charm of Tirthan Valley, which you can experience only by opting for Homestay through

homestay in tirthan valley

Owing to its geographical advantage and pristine natural beauty, Tirthan Valley is fast emerging as a wonderful vacation destination. Tirthan Valley is a heaven for tourists who wish to explore the wildlife of Himachal and get an adrenaline rush through adventure activities like trekking and trout fishing.

The nearby Great Himalayan National Park is a habitat to numerous flora and more than to numerous flora and more than 375 species of fauna. Tourists also flock to Jalori Pass for trekking goals. Most importantly, it is one of the cleanest and greenest areas of Himachal Pradesh- still untouched by pollution or cosmopolitan tourist culture. And that’s what makes it a beautiful place to spend your vacation.

The homestays by Tirthan Valley Stay gives you the opportunity to live amid nature and enjoy the lip-smacking home-cooked Himachali food. Or simply do nothing but relish the perfect landscape around.

Tourists coming to Tirthan Valley prefer homestays to get first hand experience and witness the various activities that are attached to rural households like tending to apple orchards, cattle rearing and tea gardening.

Not just for adults, homestays in Tirthan Valley are a life changing experience for children as well. Since they encounter and witness things that they have otherwise seen only on TV screens, Tirthan Valley Stay makes their holiday super-special and memorable while teaching them some life lessons.

homestay by tirthan valley