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Tirthan Valley Stay is a passionate venture by an ardent traveler, explorer and travel organizer Davinder. Wandering in the woods and exploring new places nestled in the hills and savouring the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas has been a passion for Davinder Bahl. Motivation for Tirthan valley Stay came when he ended up exploring the Himachali way of life at Tirthan Valley living with Live with Himachali people amid their serious relationship to nature and the reverence of their ancient deity (devi and devta) culture. The simple pleasures of life like taking a walk around the village and seeing the mud houses with sloping roofed ceilings and their amazing apple orchards gave him the idea of sharing the tranquil charm of these places with others.

Tirthan Valley Stay is one of the trusted names now in offering offbeat holidays; and it all started with a homestay project Jibhi a couple of years ago. Through this venture, Davinder caters to vacation-enthusiasts who want to experience an incredible adventure, one of its kinds, that includes spending time amid nature, hiking, trekking, and peaceful surroundings.


Located in the Kullu district, Tirthan Valley takes its name from the Tirthan River that originates from the icy glaciers of a snow-capped peak called Hanskund in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).When it comes to natural beauty, everything here is almost untouched and unharmed from the adverse effects of human civilization. The beauty of the Tirthan River as it traverses dense green forests of Western Himalayas to meet the Beas River at Larji is something that you can’t miss. This is because the water follows you wherever you go alongside the National Highway.You will see several small stops, cottage style dhabas and cute tea stalls studded along the road and the backdrop of quaint villages is just icing on top. In summer, it’s cool climate is a relief from the scorching heat of the plains; in winter, it’s a delight to see pristine snow everywhere and in monsoon, the place blooms with freshness and fragrance of natural goodness.

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